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Re: load multiple route xml files - ASF JIRA CAMEL-13015

If someone have time to work that it will be picked up.

Andrea Cosentino 
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On Thursday, December 20, 2018, 10:37:30 AM GMT+1, Wang Yan <wyanbox@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

load multiple route xml files - ASF JIRA

When I use SpringDSL , i want to load two route files

For Example route1.xml and route2.xml

If I put two files in same directory like below , it is working

camel.springboot.xmlRoutes: file :directory/*.xml

If I put two files into different directories , it does not work

camel.springboot.xmlRoutes: file:directory1/route1.xml ,

Could you please implement this feature?


I create it as a feature request