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understanding InOut

I still don't quite grok how InOut works. When I set the exchange
pattern to InOut, what exactly will happen? Will the *next* processor reply to the previous one? If so, how? If so, how does the previous processor act on the reply? Or is the InOut just about 1 Processor? If
so, can e.g. a Processor block until a split is reaggregated?

I'm trying to find some documentation on this that would explain these details but I didn't find much. The request-reply page is brief and uses

As a real world bonus - I'm running a mongodb aggregation pipeline
splitting and streaming and would need to fire just 1 exchange further
down the route when the whole aggregation is finished. I'm doing


I recently found out that split can take an aggregator as argument,
would that solve this case? How exactly does that work?

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