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XML file contains filename to be moved (with itself).. what packages should I use?

Figured I'd try something new and ask for advice here first before hitting a brick wall and asking after I hit that dead end...I need to poll for XML files dumping into a specific NFS directory, read in the XML, find the "work" file generated by the task that generated the XML, and move both files together.  The XML file is a custom small app specific job detail sort of file, with the exported work contained in a file named between the <SOURCE_FILENAME> tag.I could just regex the file, instead of parsing XML "officially", then use a choice and when satisfied, move both the file I'm reading, and the result from the regex.  I don't really need the 50 or so other job statistic tags contained in the XML.  I plan to use Java DSL with a blueprint or some Karaf supported type to run as a bundle. 
Since these xml files are generated at invocation, the "work" file might not show up for a few minutes.  In that time, I'm hoping to round-robin any other XML files to find completed "pairs" in this landing directory. Sound simple enough?  Any gotchas that people can think of?