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RE: Configuring a CFXEndPoint with multiple certificates

That solution is actually not very efficient as the Producer will continually be created if the RecipientList endpoints are constantly changing which is likely for my case. The problem is that the cache is keyed on the URI but for my use case this is not enough. I really need the ability to set the ProducerCache key programmatically much as I can when I add the Endpoint to the CamelContext.

Extending the CXFEndPoint and overriding getEndpointUri would not work as the Uri is always the same and adding extra characters to the returned result would break the actual communication.

Really I need something like:

 protected synchronized Producer doGetProducer(Endpoint endpoint, boolean pooled) {
        String key = endpoint.getProducerCacheKey(); // new method on Endpoint or Service interface
        Producer answer = producers.get(key);

I could then implement / override the getProducerCacheKey() myself.

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