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Re: Apache Camel Question


No removal is not supported. The file component is primary designed
for exchange data via files.
Not really for monitoring directory folders. Also the original Java
File API didnt support this either.

You can use the newer Java File API for this.

And its not on the roadmap to add this feature as it would require
significant changes to use the newer
Java file API which also can have slightly different way of operating
depending on the underlying File system.

And its not a common use-case (yet) to react on files being deleted.

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 2:39 PM Piotr Niewinski
<niewinskipiotr1993@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Apache Camel Team,
> We are currently working on a project and we have been using Apache Camel
> for one year now. Great product.
> Recently we wanted to use it for monitoring file changes when user
> creates/modifes/removes files. First two options work perfectly fine, but
> detecting manually removed files/directories seems to be not supported by
> Camel.
> The questions is: is it possible to somehow detect manually removed files,
> ofc with Apache Camel File component.
> PS. What do you think about adding such feature?
> Created stackoverflow question:
> Thanks & Best regards,
> P. Niewiński
> Pozdrawiam
> P. Niewiński

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