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Re: how could I get multiple different ProducerTemplate instances with Auto-Configured Producer Templates


No you can use the same template to send to multiple endpoints.

Just beware that sending to unlimited number of endpoints uris is not
a good practice as an endpoint / producer takes up resource. So in
your case with the HTTP endpoint, then its better to use a static uri
for the hostname and then a header with the dynamic context-path, then
you reuse the same endpoint / producer when doing network connection
to the remote http server.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 12:42 AM Wang Yan <stewchicken@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If I use the auto configured ProducerTemplate, how could I get multiple
> different ProducerTemplate instances?
> for example I need use producer template send different exchanges to
> different endpoints
> in this case, Do i need different producer template instances? if yes how ?
> Auto-Configured Consumer and Producer Templates
> Camel auto-configuration provides pre-configured *ConsumerTemplate* and
> *ProducerTemplate* instances. You can simply inject them into your
> Spring-managed beans:
> @Component
> public class InvoiceProcessor {
>   @Autowired
>   private ProducerTemplate producerTemplate;
>   @Autowired
>   private ConsumerTemplate consumerTemplate;
>   public void processNextInvoice() {
>     Invoice invoice = consumerTemplate.receiveBody("jms:invoices",
> Invoice.class);
>     ...
>     producerTemplate.sendBody("netty-http:";
> +;
>   }
> }

Claus Ibsen
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