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Re: using springdsl instead of javadsl with file path

Hi wang,

Yes we can give file paths for picking up routes during startup too.

camel.springboot.xmlRoutes = on
camel.springboot.xmlRoutes = file:/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxxx/*.xml

I tested in my local and its working.


On 20/11/18, 3:24 PM, "Wang Yan" <wyanbox@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    using springdsl instead of javadsl, below is the example from camel website,
    is it possible to use file instead of classpath for configuration? for example
    camel.springboot.xmlRoutes = file:/com/foo/routes/*.xml
    any suggestions and hints are more than welcome!
    // turn off
    camel.springboot.xmlRoutes = false
    // scan in the com/foo/routes classpath
    camel.springboot.xmlRoutes = classpath:com/foo/routes/*.xml
    The XML files should be Camel XML routes (not CamelContext) such as
       <routes xmlns="";>
            <route id="test">
                <from uri="timer://trigger"/>
                <to uri="log:out"/>

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