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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui issue #99: make palette icons have a light border not a shadow

Github user ahgittin commented on the issue:
    this isn't the panel, it is the palette icon rectangles which have the shadow.  IMO MD could argue the case here either way, they are the normal primary actions thus aren't elevated, or they are float because they are draggable in which case they are elevated.  my design sense prefers the former (and so i make this PR) because the value of the shadow is to draw attention to something, but where we have lots of things if they all have the shadow (as in this palette) it voids that benefit.  also it looks a bit nicer to my eye.
    compare the old:
    <img width="1479" alt="shot1" src="";>
    with the new:
    <img width="1523" alt="shot2" src="";>