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Re: Journaled events Kafka implementation

Hi Timothee,

welcome !

I would be happy to work with you on this implementation.

Now that we have the repo ready, I propose to work with PullRequest on
github. It would allow us to review and be updated about the changes.


On 30/12/2018 22:40, Timothee Maret wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that a repository for the event journal sub project [0] was
> created and that a first draft of the API had been pushed. This is great
> news!
> I would like to offer to contribute to this sub project but first, let me
> introduce myself to the Aries developer community.
> My name is Timothee Maret, I live in Switzerland and have worked for Adobe
> in Basel for nearly 9 years. I focus on the development and cloud
> deployment of Adobe Experience Manager. I am an Apache committer on the
> Sling project where I mostly contribute to Sling Content Distribution
> evolution. For the last 2 years I have led the design/implementation of a
> content replication mechanism able to support AEM scalability requirements
> in the cloud.
> The replication design follows the event sourcing pattern and is currently
> implemented on top of Apache Kafka. Kafka is a perfect fit for this design.
> However, as we may end up leveraging an alternative backend for non
> technical reasons, we intend to guarantee the design portability by
> leveraging the API/spec as soon as it is available. A second class of use
> cases for the API/spec in AEM would be every implementation involving
> components decoupled via events and requirements for processing guarantees.
> I am proposing to start contributing to this sub project by providing an
> implementation on top of Apache Kafka.
> If this contribution is welcomed by the Aries community, please let me know
> if I should start with filling a JIRA in the ARIES tracker or somewhere
> else!
> Regards,
> Timothee
> [0]
> [1]

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