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Journaled events Kafka implementation


I noticed that a repository for the event journal sub project [0] was
created and that a first draft of the API had been pushed. This is great

I would like to offer to contribute to this sub project but first, let me
introduce myself to the Aries developer community.

My name is Timothee Maret, I live in Switzerland and have worked for Adobe
in Basel for nearly 9 years. I focus on the development and cloud
deployment of Adobe Experience Manager. I am an Apache committer on the
Sling project where I mostly contribute to Sling Content Distribution
evolution. For the last 2 years I have led the design/implementation of a
content replication mechanism able to support AEM scalability requirements
in the cloud.

The replication design follows the event sourcing pattern and is currently
implemented on top of Apache Kafka. Kafka is a perfect fit for this design.
However, as we may end up leveraging an alternative backend for non
technical reasons, we intend to guarantee the design portability by
leveraging the API/spec as soon as it is available. A second class of use
cases for the API/spec in AEM would be every implementation involving
components decoupled via events and requirements for processing guarantees.

I am proposing to start contributing to this sub project by providing an
implementation on top of Apache Kafka.

If this contribution is welcomed by the Aries community, please let me know
if I should start with filling a JIRA in the ARIES tracker or somewhere