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[Proposal] Create new sub project for journaled messaging

Some Background

At Adobe I and two colleagues Timothee Maret and Alexei Krainiouk work on
making the AEM content publishing fit for the cloud. It is about
transporting content from author instances that are only visible to a
customer to outside facing instances that handle the load. For this effort
it is important to have a reliable pub/sub messaging with support of a
history where each consumer can decide where to start consuming from.

We found that Apache Kafka is a good fit function wise but a little heavy
regarding deployment and management. So to be more versatile we thought
about encapsulating the messaging using an API and providing
implementations for different backends.
Unfortunately there is no existing API that solves this.

Use case and API sketch

So we created a description of the use cases as well as a sketch for a
minimal API.


We would like to develop this API as well as implementations as a sub
project at Apache Aries.
The main reason for choosing Aries is that David told us that there is
interest in a OSGi spec about a similar purpose. So we might also bring
this into an OSGi spec.
Alexei and Timothee are not yet committers at Aries. I think we can work
with them using the normal contribution model for the start and make them
committers after a few PRs.

So what do you think?
As a first step I would like to discuss if the Aries PMC is interested in
giving this effort a home.  After that we can discuss the actual API as
well as possible usages and backends.


Christian Schneider

Computer Scientist