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[VOTE] Release Aries JAX-RS Whiteboard 1.0.3 and integrations 1.0.1

Hello all,

I have staged a release 1.0.3 for Aries JAX-RS Whiteboard and 1.0.1 for
whiteboard integrations.

This release fixes a bug that was causing a bad interaction with Karaf,a
missing license headers and a wrong artifact reference in the former
release of the whiteboard integrations.

The release notes for Whiteboard 1.0.3 can be found here:

The modules are tagged at;a=tag;h=refs/tags/


Artifacts are in one staged repo,

Instructions for verifying the release are at

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours. [ ] +1 [ ] 0 [ ] -1

Here is my +1.

Thanks to all.