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[VOTE] Aries JPA 2.7.1

I've staged a release for vote at:

It mainly contains an important bugfix when mixing transactional and non
transactional behaviour. Thanks to Daniel for the fix.

I was also notified that the Aries JPA example currently does not work in
apache karaf 4.2.1.
The error is in blueprint core. So it does not affect our release. JB is
working on a fix for karaf 4.2.2. See

Release Notes - Aries - Version jpa-2.7.1

** Bug

    * [ARIES-1783] - TransactionRequiredException when non-transactional
method precedes a transactional one in the same service.

    * [ARIES-1869] - Example does not work with current karaf 4.2.1

Please review and vote:

  [ ] +1 Release the above artifacts
  [ ] -1 Do not

Here is my +1


Christian Schneider

Computer Scientist