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Re: [RESULT] move over to

Hi all

I've sucessfully pushed to gitbox and github by now. What you want to do
depends on whether you want to push your changes to gitbox or github.

Assuming you want to commit to gitbox you need to change your origin's
URL, something like

    git remote set-url origin \ \

if you want to push to github via ssh that would be something like

    git remote set-url origin git@xxxxxxxxxx:apache/ant-ivy.git \

The Antlibs are special as they use submodules. I think after changing
the remote for an Antlibs

    git pull origin master
    git submodule sync
    git submodule update --init

should work - at least once all Antlibs have been adapted. Right now
AntUnit and Compress are done, I'll update the remaining Antlibs later

I will take care of Gump, if anybody else could look into Jenkins that
would be great. Also I have updated the references to git-wip-us in Ivy
and will do so for all Antlibs, but I'm not sure when I'll manage to do
so for the remaining repos.


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