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[GitHub] ant issue #81: Fix rare ConcurrentModificationException when running with Pa...

Github user jaikiran commented on the issue:
    > @jaikiran I think the test does exhibit the multithreaded scenario, I ran it prior to the Project changes to ensure it did fail. My Java is a bit rusty, but I believe the 2 separate ExecutorService's created run concurrently.
    You are right indeed. When I replied previously, I did not focus on the second executor submit and the fact that this task would run in parallel with the previous for loop that (might) still be in progress.
    > My only concern is it's possible it may not catch the issue in the future as a regression test due to the non-determinism, as well as the somewhat arbitrary loop count and extended time taken to run the test (<100 milliseconds currently, but overall these types of tests tend to add up).
    Agreed. So it's fine to not include the test.


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