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[GitHub] ant issue #80: Added tasks for JDK's jmod and jlink tools.

Github user bodewig commented on the issue:
    This looks great Craig, many thanks!
    I've got a short list of wishes, though:
    * please use a manual page that is not covered by the GPL inside of the tests - this is me probably being overly cautious but we really don't want to ship anything under the GPL as part of our releases
    * add yourself to `CONTRIBUTORS` and `contributors.xml`
    * add a blurb to `WHATSNEW`
    * add `@since` markers (with 1.10.6) to the new tasks and the new type - and do so to the manual pages as well.
    I can do all or some of them myself if you prefer me to do it. In that case I'd ask you to confirm you want to be addressed as "Craig Pell" in the contributors files.
    Many thanks again.


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