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Re: ant git commit: Add magic names for tests, run more tests in Surefire

On 2018-10-28, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:

> Even if running unit tests with different tools is a no-goal for you, it's
> a good check of robustness --


> I'm afraid we're cheating a little anyway by compiling testutil with core
> tests first, and then building a separate jar file.

This is only if you are willing to accept to the dependency model of
Maven :-)

To me there is no cheating. In my model we have Ant's core code. We have
Ant Testutil which contains helpers and we have the tests for Ant's core
which depend on both core and testutil.

There is no cycle: core <- testutil <- tests of core

It is just Maven's model that doesn't allow you to introduce test scope
dependencies that depend on your code under test. A model I disagree

So in the maven POMs we might be cheating Maven, but only because we
have to circumvent Maven's model which doesn't fit ours.


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