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Re: Storing a GKE key in our travis build

I think that's a good idea.

There are a few kubernetes-in-docker minikube alternatives although I'm not
sure if they address the issues of speed and ease of local testing and
they're still alpha. (single node for now) (multi-node)

For GKE launching a new cluster takes 150-300 seconds (
Is it the intention to connect to an existing cluster or make one from
scratch each time?

Using one cluster project-wide for testing should be feasible if it's set
up correctly (if every commit is namespaced ($branch-$sha) and the first
step of the script is to delete the namespace if it exists). It should be
reasonably maintenance-free if set up with node auto-provisioning with a
cap of say 60 cores depending on how many concurrent builds occur.

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 3:09 AM Daniel Imberman <daniel.imberman@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello all,
> I wanted to ask about us moving away from minikube for our airflow
> kubernetes builds.
> 1. It takes a long time to build
> Building minikube from scratch every time takes the lionshare of our travis
> testing time. If we can just connect to GKE and launch a cluster in a few
> seconds, we'll get much faster feedback for whether our changes are working
> or not.
> 2. It doesn't really mimic real world kubernetes
> We've run into a few bugs in the wild where our minikube-based testing
> worked fine but we found issues when performing on a multi-node cluster.
> Many in the k8s community are even moving away from minikube because of
> these differences in behavior.
> 3. It makes local testing a pain
> Over the next few months I want to start figuring out ways to make
> iterative local testing of airflow easier. An ideal for k8s-based testing
> to launch a GKE cluster and just run a script every time we want to test
> our changes. This would simplify onboarding new devs and reduce the time to
> approve PRs.
> *Proposal: Create GKE testing that committers can turn on*
> When users submit PRs to kubernetes, there seems to be a buildbot setting
> that allows the committers to turn on integration testing on the
> CloudNative clusters. I'm thinking if all k8s testing is reformatted to
> assume kubernetes rather than minikube, then users can test as much as they
> want on their own local/GKE clusters and then we can turn on GKE before
> merging.
> Google had spoken with us a while back about giving a GKE account for
> airflow integration, and I wanted to open this up to the community if
> anyone had strong feelings either way.