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Call for Graduation press releases and testimonials

Hi everyone,

As you've probably seen we're now progressing toward becoming our own top-level project and we can remove that pesky "(Incubating)" tag!

Assuming the vote passes and the Apache Software Foundation Board on 19th December we'd like to get some press releases out announcing and celebrating this.

If your company uses Airflow and would like to create a press release celebrating the graduation, or if you'd like to say some nice words about how Airflow has helped your company to include in the Apache press release please get in touch.

Some example PRs from previous project graduations:

We would like all the publicity to go out at the same time, so please co-ordinate with me and Sally Khudairi <sk@xxxxxxxxxx> off list.

Time is a bit short on this, so if you are interested please get in touch!