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Re: Airflow issues

Have you checked the task log locally on the worker box (default under
airflow_home/logs)? If you configured remote logging it is possible that
the task exited and the failure handler didn’t catch that and thus not
uploading log? If there’s no such log, maybe try look at the worker process
log to see if there’s any error happening for that DAG.

Kalyan Kotha <kothakalyan@xxxxxxxxx>于2018年11月27日 周二上午1:43写道:

> Hello Team,
> we are running a DAG with some tasks, when the task is still running it is
> exiting from the DAG and there is nothing showing up in in the logs. and we
> have checked that dag having enough resources/memory to run the dag. can
> any one help us finding solution.
> Regards,
> Kalyan