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[DISCUSS] Apache Airflow graduation from the incubator

Hi All,

With the Apache Airflow community healthy and growing, I think now would be a good time to 
discuss where we stand regarding to graduation from the Incubator, and what requirements remains. 

Apache Airflow entered incubation around 2 years ago, since then, the Airflow community learned 
a lot about how to do things in Apache ways. Now we are a very helpful and engaged community, 
ready to help on all questions from the Airflow community. We delivered multiple releases that have 
been increasing in quality ever since, now we can do self-driving releases in good cadence. 

The community is growing, new committers and PPMC members keep joining. We addressed almost all 
the maturity issues stipulated by Apache Project Maturity Model [1]. So final requirements remain, but
those just need a final nudge. Committers and contributors are invited to verify the list and pick up the last 
bits (QU30, CO50). Finally (yahoo!) all the License and IP issues we can see got resolved. 

Base on those, I believes it's time for us to graduate to TLP. [2] Any thoughts? 
And welcome advice from Airflow Mentors? 


[2] Regards,