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catchup=False triggers 2 DAGs

Hi, I'm seeing an issue when I un-pause a DAG new dag. I have catchup set
to False so would expect only the latest days DAG to trigger. Instead DAG
runs are triggered for the previous 2 days. I tried it using sequential,
local and celery executors. I also spun up a clean docker version to make
sure my environment wasn't setup wrong. Same issue. All my DAGs face this
issue, but here is a simplified one I'm using to test it. Could this be a
bug or am I missing something? Airflow 1.10

from airflow import DAG
from datetime import datetime
from airflow.operators.dummy_operator import DummyOperator

dag = DAG(

do = DummyOperator(

Andrew Harmon
(202) 615-6433