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Re: ActiveMQ HA on failover topic mode

Can you please characterize the messages that are lost? Do you lose the
last few messages sent before the failover, or one here and there, or...?

Also, are you killing the broker gracefully (sending it a stop command) or
ungracefully (kill -9, etc.)? Might the messages that are lost simply be
the result of asynchronously published messages that haven't yet hit the
disk when you ungracefully kill the broker process? Have you tried using
synchronous sends?


On Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 10:31 AM PedroRP <pedro.ramirez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Tim!
> Sorry about the late answer. I fixed the configuration and now I have a
> master/slave that work fine. But I still lose messages. I checked the
> consumer connection and It is equal than the producer. Moreover when I
> disconnect master broker consumer and producer reconnect to the slave
> broker. To make the failover I only introduced in url of connection factory
> failover:(tcp://broker1:61616,tcp://broker2:61616)
> Is it necessary any additional configuratio?
> For more information, I tried inserting 10000 messages in a topic.
> Thanks in advance!
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