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Re: Apache NMS ActiveMQ - support for createSharedDurableConsumer

I cant remember if FQQN is supported on openwire. If it is.
You could you use a JMSqueue with a FQQN to bind to the topic subscription you want to share

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NMS API does not offer support for this and there aren't any plans to 
add it.  The OpenWire protocol doesn't offer the features needed to 
implement shared subscriptions so it isn't easily added there.  You 
could trying switch to an AMQP based .NET client like AmqpNetLite and 
work from there.

On 12/3/18 3:33 AM, koosala wrote:
> Hi,
> We use Apache NMS library for consuming the broker (from .Net). We would
> like to scale out consumers by subscribing to the same topic, but the
> consumers acting as competing consumers, so that only one of them processes
> any message. ActiveMQ artemis supports multiple clients to a multicast queue
> under an address.
>   Apache JMS 2.0 supports creating shared consumers for this purpose -
> Is such a feature available with Apache NMS library, or will this be
> available some time in the future?
> Thanks,
> Praveen
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