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Re: Expiration of all messages in queue does not trigger autodelete

When the messages expire, are they actually deleted from the broker? By
default, there is nothing that will delete the expired messages in the
absence of a consumer (or queue browser), so it might be that the queue
isn't being deleted because it isn't actually empty.

If that is indeed what's going on and you'd like ActiveMQ to behave
differently (probably to have the broker periodically check for expired
messages and delete them, even if there's no consumer), you can submit an
enhancement request in JIRA for it.


On Thu, Nov 8, 2018, 11:23 AM pholik1 <petr_holik@xxxxx wrote:

> Hello,
> when there is autocreated queue with messages and theese messages expires,
> the queue is left abandoned on server until somebody connects to it and
> disconects - it triggers which destroys the queue.
> In
> my opinion there should be some code for check if queue is eligble for
> autodelete in ExpiryScanner.
> Or is this behavior expected?
> Sincerely Petr Holik
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