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Re: Consume rate drops dracstically with message process latency, even with many consumers per queue.

That was my initial thought also, so we had already set prefetch limit = 1,
which i think is the lowest allowed value, to run our tests:

ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy prefetchPolicy = new ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy(); 

With a value of '0' we get the following error:
javax.jms.JMSException: Illegal prefetch size of zero. This setting is not
supported for asynchronous consumers please set a value of at least 1.

My understanding is that different consumer sessions are not running on
different threads.
I added a debug log in the "onConsume" function of each consumer to

onConsume(Message message) {

which prints the following unique entries:

ActiveMQ Session Task-1
ActiveMQ Session Task-2
ActiveMQ Session Task-100

As i understand, even though i have created 1200 consumer sessions there are
only 100 threads running.

What do you think?

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