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Re: Copy Message From ActiveMQ topic to ActiveMQ queue

Yes, make your subscription durable, so that it will remain even while the
subscriber is disconnected. The mechanism for doing that will probably
depend on your ETL framework.

Just make sure you unsubscribe when you're done using the subscription, to
avoid accumulating messages you'll never consume.


On Sat, Nov 3, 2018, 6:08 PM ravi999 <ravi-teja.voleti@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> We are actually subscribing to a ActiveMQ topic using ETL Tool. After
> running
> for 15-20 days, the job is failing with jms exceptions or due to server
> issues. In that cases any messages broadcasted by the ActiveMQ topic when
> the consumer is not active are lost. Is there any way to retain the message
> in ActiveMQ Topic so that our consumer (ETL code) can pick the messages
> from
> the time it was down so that there will be no data loss.
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