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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2484: ARTEMIS-2216 Use a specific executor for pageS...

Github user qihongxu commented on the issue:
    @michaelandrepearce As presented in test result adding a specific executor do improve producer rates, and also means page() method in PagingStoreImpl will acquire writelock more often. At the same time QueueImpl::deliver will call isPaging() to check whether queue is paging or not, which acquire readlock and make it a race condition. This may explain why the increase of producer rates is accompanied by the decrease of consumer rates.
    According to this we have an internal branch that removes isPaging() methodâ??s readlock in PagingStoreImpl, along with adding pageSyncTimerâ??s specific executor. After that we performed a same test and get a result of 21k/25k Send&Receiveâ??in total 46k TPS. This version runs smoothly in our use case but we are still exploring potential effects.
    The reason why we use transactional receive is to make sure every message indeed delivered and consumed. Say that if we do non-tx receive and consumer system fail in the following processing chain, this message may be delivered but actually â??lostâ??. So we choose to let consumer decide when should they ack and commit, instead of auto-commit acks.