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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2484: ARTEMIS-2216 Use a specific executor for pageS...

Github user michaelandrepearce commented on the issue:
    Comments on this are:
    We have shared executor and thread pools as a way to pool these its part artemis design so that these can be controlled, eg the number of threads are configurable. And theres uses cases for why, we dont just add executors. If we add a new pool it should be configurable like others.
    Whilst your use case this significantly improves things. As you note this change isnt entirely positive to all users as it does impact use cases where people may care more on the consumer side (i am one one of those). If anything if the broker is saturated its more important consumers for us can dequeue and if anything producers backpressure. As if consumers cant keep up and producer peak continues you can very soon end up situation where paging depth will just grow and grow.
    It would be good to get more stats therefore on how as producer rates ramup how consumer rates ramp down. And crticial cross over points. Along with number of remote consumers and producers. All of this could be mute if there is a way to eliminate the negative effect this change has.